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What are Custom-Molded Shoes?

The last is your first step to superior comfort.
Tru-Mold Shoes fit your patients’ feet perfectly, because they are made from an exact replica of the foot. Every external anatomical detail is revealed on this three-dimensional plaster “last.”

From this we are able to make a total contact shoe built to accommodate every contour and bio-mechanical feature. Not only a patient’s precise foot length and width, but any profiles as well — arches, ankles, heels and toes. Plus bony prominences, pressure points, sensitive areas and other conditions unique to a patient’s foot.

A shoe with its own custom interior.
People with diabetic ulcers, deformed toes, collapsed arches, digital amputations, bunions, calluses, charcot, hammertoes and other deformities will find our custom details unbelievably supportive.

Like extra room for your toes to move. A full-contact custom insert for better balance and proper support. And our exclusive double orthotic system, featuring depressions in both the insert and shoe to reduce pressure on sensitive areas and improve mobility.

Customized for specific footcare needs:

  • Glove leather lining cradles the foot
  • High toe box ensures ample room
  • Double orthotic system for a balanced, full plantar contact with the ground
  • Elongated medial counter provides added stability
  • Custom inserts provide precise alignment
  • Choice of lace or velcro closure
  • Padded collar for added cushion and support
  • Boots and chukkas add stability
  • Calf leather uppers

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