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What Sets Us Apart

Our custom-molded shoe factory is situated in a state-of-the-art facility and features CAD/CAM technology, the finest shoemaking equipment, and talented craftsmen from around the world. Using the most up to date scanners, design software, and machinery, every shoe is meticulously customized for every patient to assure maximized comfort and fit. We are committed to making the best custom-molded shoes and braces, and delivering professional, thorough, and courteous service.

Spectra 3D Prosthetics and Orthotics Scanner
Canfit 3D CAD Prosthetic and OrthoticDesign Software
Shoemaster Pattern Engineering Software
ATOM FlashCut Technology

Vorum™ 3D Shoe Last Scanner

The Vorum™ Scanner is used to capture a 3D scan of the cast. It uses a safe, high quality blue light projector and single camera. Three-dimensional patient shapes are displayed on a computer screen in real time. The software integrates the scan, weight-bearing imprint information and clinical requirements of the footwear into a computerized design process. Production-ready scans for all footwear and orthotic devices can be obtained in less than a minute. The detailed 3D patient shape can be electronically stored indefinitely and referred to for future orders.


• Production-ready scans

• High quality blue light projector

• Real-time 3D shape display

• Indefinite scan storage

Canfit technology for making custom shoes

Canfit™ 3D CAD Prosthetic and Orthotic Design Software

The Canfit™ CAD Prosthetic Orthotic Design Software consisting of intuitive tools allows the technician to make modifications customized for the patient. Its patent pending features give more precise control over the anatomical correctness of the cast to achieve a better fit. Some features include superimposing patient x-rays, photos, or reference lines to guide your work, ability to restart a scan from anywhere, move and rotate images, and add clinical landmark information. Using these measurements, a positive last is created for production purposes.


• Consistent and powerful interface

• Real-life simulation of anatomical constraints

• Precision for maximum customization

• Improved turnaround time

Shoemaster technology used for making shoes

Shoemaster™ Pattern Engineering Software

Using the data from the previous CAD system, the Shoemaster™ Pattern Engineering Software designs shoe materials. This software is able to create all pattern constructions with precision and ease using extensive size and fit grading features, style transfer functions for redesigning existing styles, and smart technology that automatically grades pieces that share common lines. It accurately emulates complex manual processes with a level of accuracy that is only possible with a computer based system. The final designs are then sent to a cutter to create components of the shoe.


• Extensive range of grading functions

• Able to duplicate previous patterns

• Advanced computer level accuracy

• Emulates complex manual processes

Atom Flashcut Technology for molding custom shoes

ATOM™ FlashCut Technology

The Atom™ FlashCut Speedy Carver uses the data from the pattern engineering design software to cut out material. Equipped with an internationally patented “pinch and grab” feeding system and two cutting heads, the Atom™ FlashCut Speedy Carver assures maximum material feeding even for multiple layers and large-scale production. The perfect parallelism between knife and working surface and advanced laser cutting technology ensures the highest level of accuracy. Its picking assistance feature allows the gathering of parts by size and color and its optimized nesting system has a user-friendly interface that reduces process times while maximizing material yield. These textile pieces are then manually put together by a technician to finally create the shoe.