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In the world of orthopedic shoe manufacturing, the intricacies of certain foot conditions can pose significant challenges. However, it’s within these complexities that the dedication and commitment of practitioners like Michael Frost and companies like Tru-Mold Shoes truly shine. 

One recent case involving a non-mobile patient grappling with Osteoarthritis highlights the educational journey of navigating through challenges to achieve a customized and fitting solution. This collaborative effort underscores the nuanced nature of addressing complex foot conditions and the importance of making thoughtful modifications to ensure an optimal outcome.

The journey began in August when the initial order for custom boots was placed. However, given the intricate nature of the patient’s condition, the shoe needed a redesign. The various complexities during this process lead to the transformation of the order from boots to a meticulously crafted built-in brace.

Several adjustments were made to ensure the final product catered to the specific needs of the patient:

#1: Heel Rocker Removal

The decision to eliminate the heel rocker was pivotal, transforming the shoe into a flat, stable foundation, crucial for those with Osteoarthritis.

#2: Full Internal Brace

The incorporation of a full internal brace added structural integrity and support which addressed the unique requirements of the patient’s condition.

#3: Strategic Strapping

Five carefully positioned straps, three for the leg and two for the foot, were introduced to enhance the brace’s functionality and ensure a secure fit.

#4: Optimized Top Design

Adjustments were made to create more room at the top, allowing for effective tightening and a personalized fit, a crucial aspect that was lacking in the initial design.

#5: Wider Tongue

Recognizing the need for comfort and flexibility, a wider tongue was introduced which contributed to an improved overall experience for the patient.

#6: Stiffer Leather

The choice of stiffer leather added durability and structure, ensuring that the brace would withstand the test of time while providing the necessary support.

#7: Consistent Height

Maintaining a uniform height from the floor to the top of the boot was essential for stability and alignment, a detail that was carefully addressed during the redesign.

#8: Plantar Flexion Considerations

The design modifications took into account the plantar flexion needs to ensure that the final product accommodated the patient’s unique physical requirements.

Upon receiving the revamped order, the patient expressed immense satisfaction. This success story not only highlights Tru-Mold Shoes’ commitment to excellence but also emphasizes the importance of collaboration between practitioners and manufacturers. Michael Frost, the practitioner, commended Tru-Mold Shoes for their dedication and flexibility, appreciating the willingness to redo the order to ensure a positive outcome. 

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This experience reinforces Tru-Mold Shoes’ reputation as a reliable partner in crafting custom orthopedic solutions that genuinely make a difference in the lives of individuals facing mobility challenges.


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