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Custom orthopedic inserts are a pivotal solution in addressing a myriad of foot-related problems. At Tru-Mold Shoes, our commitment to providing optimal foot care through these inserts is centered on six key factors that highlight their effectiveness and adaptability.

#1: Standalone or Paired Options

Our custom orthopedic inserts can be ordered independently or as part of a shoe crafted by Tru-Mold Shoes. This versatility ensures that patients have options that suit their specific needs.

#2: Anatomy-Based Customization

These inserts are meticulously crafted based on the unique anatomy of the patient’s foot. Utilizing Biofoam, a cast or scan, we create molds that serve as the foundation for tailored solutions.

#3: Targeted Modifications

Our moldable inserts are not one-size-fits-all; they are modified to address specific foot problems experienced by the patient. Whether it’s relieving pressure points or accommodating irregular foot shapes, our inserts are tailored to optimize comfort and support.

#4: Diverse Density Options

We offer inserts with various densities to cater to all weight ranges, ensuring optimal support for individuals, including those with heavier weights. This ensures that every patient receives the right level of support for their unique needs.

#5: Innovation in Craftsmanship

Tru-Mold Shoes incorporates the latest technological innovations in crafting these inserts. Our state-of-the-art carving technology precisely carves contours that match the foot’s anatomy ensuring an accurate and personalized fit.

#6: Toe Filler

In instances where patients have undergone foot amputation, our inserts can include toe fillers. These fillers help maintain symmetry, so that the shoe looks the same as the other and addresses any excess space resulting from the amputation.

Get Custom Moldable Inserts Today!

At Tru-Mold Shoes, our dedication to providing custom orthopedic inserts goes beyond comfort; it’s about tailoring solutions that enhance foot health and alleviate problems specific to each individual. Experience the difference that personalized inserts can make in optimizing foot comfort and functionality.

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  • John Romagnolo says:

    Need toe filler

  • Louis Greer, DPM says:

    If you send me order forms and prices I will consider switching labs. What material do you use for your toe fillers. I FIND ANYTHING SOFTER THAT CORK DOES NOT WORK OR HOLD.

    • Christi Thompson says:

      Thank you so much for reaching out! Aaron from Tru-Mold Shoes will reach out via email with more detailed information. Please be on the lookout and let us know if you have any more questions.

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